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Comparative study on effect of different substrates on yield performance of oyster mushroom

Deepesh Dubey, Bina Dhakal, Kalpana Dhami, Poonam Sapkota, Mausami Rana, Nabin Sharma Poudel, Laxman Aryal

The research was carried out at Mushroom house, Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Paklihawa, Bhairahawa during January to March 2015. The objective of the study was to determine the effect of different substrates on the performance of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus sajor caju). Various substrates as treatment, selected for the cultivation of oyster mushroom were rice straw (T1), wheat straw (T2), banana leaves (T3) and sugarcane bagasse (T4) each of 4.5 kg and replicated for 4 times. The experimental design used was single factor Completely Randomized Design (CRD). The highest yield (1515 gm) with highest stipe length (4.86 cm) and cap diameter (5.14 cm) was obtained from the rice straw followed by other substrates. The colonization duration (19 days) was lower for wheat straw and banana leaves while fruiting duration (20.5 days) was lower in case of wheat straw. The analysis showed that mushroom production was best suitable in terms of economic return from the rice straw than other agricultural residues with B-C ratio of 3.498.

Published Date: 2019-01-14; Received Date: 2018-12-05