Comparative Study of Aflatoxin M1 in Livestock Livers from Minna, Nigeria | Abstract
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Journal of Liver
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Comparative Study of Aflatoxin M1 in Livestock Livers from Minna, Nigeria

Hussaini Anthony Makun, Mulunda Mwanza, Henry Iheanacho, Daniel Ojochenemi Apeh, Sani Abdulrahim, Shaibu Jamiu, Oloso Shamsudin, Chiamaka Njeakor and Yusuf Mohammed

Liver as an organ of metabolism is disposed to toxins deposition and Livestock liver contributes to food security as major source of protein. Aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) is a carcinogenous metabolite aflatoxin B1 resulting from hydroxylation. To elucidate aflatoxin M1 incidence and levels in livestock livers from Minna-Nigeria, 24 hours fresh liver samples (n=122; 72 cow livers and 50 goat livers) were collected from five abattoirs and subjected to standard aflatoxin extractions via column chromatography and quantification by high performance liquid chromatography. Data showed the presence of AFM1 in some livestock livers. However, detected toxin levels in mean percentages and correlation of variation amongst the individual livestock livers was evident, with a 83.3% (60/72) incidence and a mean detection level of 1.464 μg/kg in cattle livers, as compared to 58.0% (29/50) incidence and a mean of 0.425 μg/kg in goats livers. Contamination in some samples; 52% (26/50) of goat liver and 62.5% (45/72) cow liver exceeded the EU, US and FDA limit of 0.05 μg/kg, indicating human exposure to animal liver with high level aflatoxin contamination. Therefore, there is a need to limit the exposure to aflatoxin by enforcing regulatory limits on animal feed.