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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Compaction and Strength Characteristics of Lime-Blended Fly Ash

BR Phanikumar

Fly ash is now regarded as a construction material and as a geotechnical material. This note presents some experimental data on fly ash, an industrial waste obtained from a thermal power station. Lime was used as a blend material to study its effect on various engineering properties of fly ash. Proctor compaction tests, unconfined compression tests and Proctor needle penetration tests were performed on lime-fly ash blends. Effect of curing on unconfined compressive strength was also studied. Addition of lime to fly ash decreased the maximum dry density and increased the optimum moisture content. 4% lime was found to be the optimum content with regard to unconfined compressive strength for all curing periods. Penetration resistance also reached its maximum value at 4% lime and thereafter decreased with increasing lime content.