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Review of Public Administration and Management
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Community Policing (CP): Challenges on Preventing Crime and Human Security in Bangladesh

Islam S

The study contains about Community Policing (CP) that is an organizational strategy and the way of philosophical thoughts allows working together between Police and Community to prevent and solve the problems of crime and offers human security. It is built on two prime features, firstly; it requires the transformation of methods and practice of the police, and secondly; taking steps to establish a relationship between the police and the public. Through the Community Policing philosophy, the ultimate goal is the creation of a professional, representative, responsive, and accountable institution that works with the public. Crime casts fear into the hearts from all walks of life and prevents them from taking their rightful place in the development and growth of our country. The rights and freedoms which the constitution entrenches are threatened every time a citizen becomes a victim of crime. In Bangladesh, Police is principally a reactive force with a philosophy of public control rather than community service. The emphasis is on solving crime after it occurs, rather than preventing it from happening in the first place. It can largely be ascribed to a lack of awareness, monitoring, and understanding, but also to a lack of leadership on the part of various stakeholders, including the police. There has been a poor evaluation by Bangladesh Police to analyze and treat the underpinning causes of crimes. Because of this lacking, and the lack of police guidelines or policy on crime prevention, police are unable to provide advice to the public on what preventative actions they can take. In fact, police themselves lack training and experience in crime prevention and community safety. The study focuses on the nuts and bolts of the performance of community policing. How it is working, what are the drawbacks of it, what the contributions of it in preventing crime and what can be strategies to make them effective and efficient to prevent crime while respecting human security and ensuring a safer and more secure Bangladesh permitting its citizens to live in an era of peace, security and justice.