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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Clinical Therapeutic Usage of Bichat Ball in Dentistry-A Review

Lima Eduardo B, SÁ Carlos DL, Feitosa Victor P, De-Paula DM, Papaléo RF, Melo Radamés B

The Bichat ball is fat located in the cheeks region, which can be used for various therapeutic purposes. The aim of the present study is to carry out a literature review on the use of Bichat ball and its application for aesthetic and functional issues. A search was performed on PubMed; SciELO, Scopus and Lilacs databases using the keywords we found 76 articles and 8 were selected, based on exclusion criteria (laboratory studies, articles in a language other than English, and literature reviews). The title and abstract of articles that met the inclusion criteria were evaluated. Some articles mentioned the use of the Bichat ball for the repair of small oral defects, such as oroantral communication closure, peri-orbital defects, congenital cleft palate, facial plastic surgery; some treatments were associated with pathologies. Further articles quoted its use for aesthetic purposes such as facial feminization and diminishing of the child's cheek appearance. Thus, the Bichat ball is effective for various purposes and can be used for both aesthetic and functional therapeutic treatment.

Published Date: 2019-08-31;