Clinical Forensic Psychology | Abstract
Journal of Forensic Psychology

Journal of Forensic Psychology
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Clinical Forensic Psychology

Alexa Robin*

Forensic psychology makes it both a challenge and a blessing, the
description of forensic psychology is very straightforward but
also complex. At a very basic level, forensic psychology is the
application of psychology to the legal system. However, there has
been a great deal of debate about the breadth of topics that such
a definition includes. Some believe that forensic psychology
refers only to the clinical aspects of psychology, such as the
assessment and treatment of mental illness. Others believe that
forensic psychology should be interpreted more broadly and
include nonclinical topics, such as eyewitness identification and
jury decision making. Our focus will be on only the clinical
aspects of forensic psychology, so our definition of forensic
psychology is the application of the clinical practice of
psychology to the legal system. You already may be saying to
yourself, “For such a sexy topic, this definition does not seem
very sexy to me.” So, why is forensic psychology so inherently

Published Date: 2021-03-18; Received Date: 2021-02-23