Chlorhexidine Hypersensitivity: A Critical and Updated Review | Abstract
Journal of Allergy & Therapy

Journal of Allergy & Therapy
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Chlorhexidine Hypersensitivity: A Critical and Updated Review

Calogiuri GF, Di Leo E, Trautmann A, Nettis E, Ferrannini A and Vacca A

Chlorhexidine is a synthetic bis-biguanide widely used as disinfectant in medical and surgical fields, highly appreciated for its efficacy, microbicide properties and low costs. Unfortunately, Chlorhexidine can be responsible for hypersensitivity reactions (from contact dermatitis to life-threatening anaphylaxis) but its role as allergen, often complicating a perioperative or anesthetic session, is still undervalued and misdiagnosed. In the lights of the most recent studies and case reports published, hereby we have comprehensively reviewed the main aspects of Chlorhexidine hypersensitivity, including, pathway of sensitization, cross-reactivity and new diagnostic laboratory tools.