Child Rearing Practice in Islam | Abstract
Clinics in Mother and Child Health

Clinics in Mother and Child Health
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Child Rearing Practice in Islam

Tabasum Akther*

Islam lays down that whole of the universe was created by Almighty Allah and is governed by ‘Him’ all the time. It is ‘He’ who created man on the earth, and instead of binding him to follow the divine path in the whole of his life like other creatures, gave him freedom of choice to follow it or do otherwise in the sphere of his life. The divine guidance regarding that sphere of human life in which man is given freedom has been revealed to him through the Messengers of God who came to the world in different ages and conveyed to mankind the message which was revealed to them along with the warning that if man does not follow it he has to face bitter consequences in the life-hereafter and sometimes in the worldly life as well.

It was revealed through Prophets that the purpose of creation of human beings was that they should live in the world as the representatives of Almighty and that the Divine guidance should be followed in all spheres of life and those who they this will be rewarded in the life-hereafter and may enjoy a life of harmony and prosperity in this world as well. The revelations of Almighty conveyed through Prophet Mohammad (SAW) the last Messenger’s lays down only the abstract ideas but the practical guidance for all aspects and spheres of life.

“O you who believe! Ward of yourselves and your families against a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones over which are (appointed) angles stern and severe who disobey not (from executing) the commands they receive from Allah but do that which they are commanded”. Thus it is the duty of the parents to pay full attention to proper training and education of children from their early childhood. We should have no stone unturned to save our descendants from the devils which lie in ambush to misguide them. It is the responsibility of the parents to encourage the child to be gentle, well-mannered and pious. This is what Allah says for the guidance of such people. “And those who struggle in our cases, surely we shall guide them in our ways, and God is with the gooddoers”

Published Date: 2020-11-06; Received Date: 2020-10-16