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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Changes in Oral Microflora Related to Immunosuppressive Chemotherapy in Denture Wearing Cancer Patients

Waseem B Mushtah

Objective: To investigate changes in oral microflora in oral cavity from denture wearing cancer patients within seven days of the first course of chemotherapy, and the association between these changes and the distressing oral problems of the patients. Material and methods: Prospective uncontrolled study design was carried out with sixty cancer patients were enrolled in this study. Oral microflora of the buccal mucosa was cultured from two saliva samples before chemotherapy and after receiving the first dose of chemotherapy. Convenience-based sampling method was used based on the patient availability on recruitment days. Informed consent was obtained from the patients for enrollment in the present study. Results: The results from this study have shown that in general, no statistically significant differences were found in the existence of bacteria between before and after chemotherapy, there is no association between the changes of bacterial types and chemotherapy. Types and number of oral bacteria were found to correlate to degree of oral health care or oral hygiene, saliva, and gender, and there is a direct relation between chemotherapy and decrease saliva amount and viscosity and the development of bad oral habits after chemotherapy in these patients. Conclusion: the results of this study indicate that there were no changes in the microflora in the oral cavity in denture wearing cancer patients within seven days of the first dose of chemotherapy. No correlations between oral mucositis and specific microorganisms were assessed.

Published Date: 2019-08-31;