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Challenges of Parents with Autistic Children in Ghana

Hilda Aboagyewaa Agyekum

This study looks into the challenges that parents with autistic children face in Ghana. The study looks specifically at challenges that being a parent in Ghana entails. Semi structured interviews were used as a form of data collection. Prominent themes the study highlights are the challenges of parents, which was associated with the inability of the parents to have meaningful conversations with their children, the financial burden of taking care of them, and stigmatization of their autistic children as well as themselves. The study was measured against already done work on the topic. From the study, parents major challenge had to do with finances, they explained the various sources in which these expenses were incurred to include transportation, medical bills and school fees. The study brought out transportation as a financial expense because of the where the study was conducted. Parents went on to address how people stigmatize them and their children whenever they are in public. The study also highlighted the challenge of not being able to communicate with their children with disability.