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Bridging the Gap between Corporate and Social Responsibility within the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr.Elias E. Hristodoulakis, Dr.Grigorios N. Karimalis, Maria Matiatou, M.A.,Dr. Vassilis Angouras,Dr. Evangelia Loukidou

The article proposes a configuration model of culture in the pharmaceutical sector which explores dynamic relationships between capital performance and consideration of socioeconomic determinants in underprivileged societies. The context includes medication needs and treatment costs within the hostile environment of endemic poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. It also articulates a call for a new paradigm based on an adjustable framework of patent rights to strike a very important balance between present needs and future research. Discussion is grounded in a cautionary tale that signals the need for corporate responsibility and commitment to the social construct within which pharmaceutical companies operate and grow. Essential drug list and generic drugs policies are sine qua non conditions that need to be embraced by responsible governments to combat corruption and improve health indicators. Communication campaigns audited for the purposes of the study unfold along different levels of intervention and interaction, manifesting their centrality in messages related to health behavior and effective drug use. Findings suggest that companies prioritize training, interact with institutions rather than social groups or individuals, and use a mix of online and traditional media to reach out to their target audiences.