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Bovine Cysticercosis and Hospital Based Retrospective Survey of Human Taeniasis in and Around Debre Brihan City, Central Ethiopia

Andualem Yimer and Belayneh Mergia Gebrmedehan

A cross-sectional study was conducted in cattle slaughtered at Debre brihan abattoir from December 2016 to April 2017. To assess bovine cysticercosis and to estimate the prevalence of Taenia saginata human infection in and around Debre brihan town, central Ethiopia Patients’ demographic data and the results of stool examinations conducted by using the formalin ethyl acetate concentration technique were collected from records at Debre brihan referral hospital. The relevant laboratory records from January 2013 to December 2017 were analyzed. Of the total 405 examined carcasses, 22 (5.43%) were found infected with various number of Cysticercus bovis in different organs. Organ distribution of the cysts showed highest proportion was observed in tongue, 7(31.81%) followed by heart 6 (27.27%) in shoulder and masseter muscles 4(18.18%) and 1 (4.54%) in liver. Significantly higher (P=0.02) proportion of counted cysts, 19(61.3%) were viable while other 12 (38.7%) were degenerated. The prevalence of C. bovis was significantly different (P<0.05) with in age categories and body condition of the slaughtered cattle. Of the total 2484 suspected patients, 97(3.9%) were stool positive for Taenia saginata eggs. The highest prevalence was 4.3% (OR=0.82, 95% CI: 0.41-1.84) in the year 2013. The prevalence gradually decreased to 3.6%(95%CI:0.47-2.4) in 2015 and slightly raised without significant difference to 3.9% and 3.7% in 2016 and 2017.The prevalence rate of taeniasis was significantly higher in male patients (4.54%, OR=1.65, 95% CI 1.08-2.53) than in females (3.32%). The results obtained in this study shows the need for integrated community based control strategies such as continuous public education and improved standards of human hygiene together with restriction of backyard slaughtering of cattle are recommended in the study areas.

Published Date: 2019-02-27; Received Date: 2019-02-11