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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Bio-Augmentation: A Fantabulous Technology in Waste Water Treatment

Maulin P Shah

Biological additives (the process of adding selected strains/mixed culture in a reactor for wastewater treatment, in order to increase the catabolism of certain compounds, such refractory organic or total COD/ BOD/NH4-N) is a promising method for solving practical problems in the installation of industrial wastewater plant treatment or waste water treatment, as well as to improve the efficiency of removal. The potential of these options can now be enhanced in order to take advantage of significant progress in the field of microbial ecology, molecular biology, immobilization techniques and advanced bioreactor design. The goal was to increase includes goals, such as: 1) increase the density of desirable bacteria, 2) achieves certain operating target, such as the breakdown of multifaceted organic compounds, 3) increases the overall organic removal and 4) recovering from a twisted in a biological system for processing. Many operators of industrial waste water in particular are faced with difficult business conditions and the stringent discharge permits that defy the ability of their wastewater treatment. Under these conditions bio augmentation can be money-spinning, interim or medium-term solution to maintain compliance of effluent to change the system and/or plant upgrades can be carried out