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Beyond Bricks and Mortar Offices: Exploring the Rate of Web Development Progress of Government of Ghana Websites from the E Government Stage Model

Elvis Asorwoe and Eric Yankson

The advancement in information and communication technologies has significantly reshaped the performance of public administration. This paper examines the readiness of Government of Ghana websites towards the implementation of e-government in public sector institutions. The study examines 115 ministries, departments, and agencies in Ghana and evaluates their readiness based on the five-stage e-government model. The analysis based on the existing egovernment literature shows that the Government of Ghana websites are only an extension of the “Bricks and Mortar” offices with the exception of them being available 24/7. All the websites examined have not made progress in enabling online communication and interaction between government and citizens. Our conclusion, based on our analysis, is that, public administration in Ghana is at the lower stages of the e-government model (interactive presence – stage III). This paper recommends that the Government of Ghana must integrate e-government into her broader policy goals, service delivery objectives, and broader public engagement with citizens, and activities related to information society. Information is a substantial component of public administration and the need for e-government for the promotion of democratic values and effective public services cannot be overlooked.