Bangladesh Coastal Zone Management Status and Future Trends | Abstract
Journal of Coastal Zone Management

Journal of Coastal Zone Management
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Bangladesh Coastal Zone Management Status and Future Trends

Hafez Ahmad*

Coastal Zone (CZ) is the region where land, ocean and atmosphere interact with each other hence it is dynamic and diverse in nature. This zone is being continually attacked by cyclones, sea level rise, storm surge which have caused terrible impacts on this low lying coastal area. The complex and active coastal zone needs to manage and requires an integrated holistic approach. This study aims to identify the background of coastal zone management, scope, the rationality of coastal development, challenges, framework, environmental impacts, and future trends. Currently integrated coastal zone management is mainly used for coastal development strategy in Bangladesh (BD). CZ of BD requires an integrated management to establish a mutual interaction among coastal community, policy, environment to achieve sustainable development of CZ. CZ has development opportunities that can reduce coastal poverty and contribute to the local and overall economic development of Bangladesh. The zone has diversity of natural resources, minerals and tourism potential and much more to explore. Bangladesh already has taken ocean governance initiative.

Published Date: 2019-01-30; Received Date: 2019-01-04