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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Assessment of the Physicochemical and Heavy Metal Concentration from Effluents of Paint Industry in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dessalew Berihun and Yonas Solomon

Paint industry is one of the industries that cause the water pollution by generating Wastewater primarily due to cleaning operations of mixers, reactors, blenders, packing machines and floors. The present research work deals with the study of some of the important physico-chemical and heavy metal parameters of paint industrial waste water effluents which was aimed at the analysis of the untreated effluents from six paint factories in Addis Ababa and the surrounding area. Analysis physico-chemical and heavy metal parameters of selected paint factories samples in Kadisco (KA), Zemilli (ZE), Rainbow (RA), Gastor solar (GA), Nifas silk (NI) and Modern building industry (MBI) were performed to investigate the concentration of status of the parameter. In this study, like; physico-chemical and heavy metal parameters pH, EC, TDS, TSS, COD, Cd, Cr, Pb, and Zn of the nine wastewater samples were analyzed using, Dana multi-meter, Jenway Model 4510 Conductivity/Temp Meter (451 001), Gravimetric, Volumetric, Colorimetric, flame emission photometry, and Atomic Absorption spectrometry (AAS)analyses methods. In the investigation some parameters were found to be above the limit set by ES and WHO. Values obtained for pH at KA, ZE,RA,GA, NI and MBI were 7.95, 8.34, 7.68, 10.95, 7.85 and 8.41; E.C:-55.1, 3.149, 675.9, 2.417, 549.6 and 3.169. TSS:-63, 205, 80, 55, 1980 and 418 mg/l and TDS:-501, 1, 2.849, 615.2, 2.207 and 2.883mg/l and COD:- 100, 340, 270, 140, 2190 and 2670 mg/l. On the other hand, results obtained from Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer analysis (AAS) showed the average metal levels as Cd2+, Cr Pb2 and Zn2+ were all sites above the permissible limit set by ES and WHO (detected mg/L).