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Application of Hakka Elements in Design-Novel Oil Paper Umbrella DesignsFeaturing Meinong Culture

Dr.Chung-Hung Lin, Yi-Show Ten, Dr.Tun-Hsueh Chan and I-Peng Wang

The Meinong District is a unique Hakka district in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, with significant cultural appeal. The area is renowned nationwide for its popular oil paper umbrellas. Images of villages or tribes in Taiwan with distinct cultural features are often portrayed by the special products these places manufacture. The Meinong District is famous for its oil paper umbrellas which are used as a visual representation of the local culture. This is extremely significant for the importance and continuance of Meinong culture. As such, this study investigated the use of cultural elements in the oil paper umbrellas handmade in Meinong, Kaohsiung. The results of this study revealed: (1) the long history of Meinong oil paper umbrellas is rich with cultural information and significance; (2) the Meinong area has numerous cultural elements that can be used in creating oil paper umbrellas; and (3) new aesthetic perspectives can enhance the innovative design of Meinong oil paper umbrellas.