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Journal of Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacoproteomics
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Antifertility Activity in the Acetone Extracts of Datura metel, L Seeds on Female Mouse

Pandiarajan G, Govindaraj R, Makesh kumar B and Sankarasivaraman K

The present study shows the antifertility activity in the acetone extracts of Datura metal L. in female albino
mouse. The crude extract of Datura metel seeds were administered orally to the female mouse (25 gm of bodyweight) in the concentration of 0.5%, 1% and 2% respectively. Control was maintained using NaCl solution. After 15th day of treatment the female mouse was mated with the normal male mouse in the ratio of 1:3. After 10 days of mating they were dissected and observed the number of implantation sites in the uterine horns. The results stated that the females treated with 2% seed extracts caused cent percent anti-implantation activity followed by 1% and 0.5% seed extracts caused 40% and 80% anti implantation activity respectively. The results of the present study concludes that the seed extracts of Datura metel L may be recommended as a good source of antifertility inducious compounds with minimal side effects after testing in the other human models.