Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Analytical Survey of Colour in Product Advertisement Study of Consumers in Ibadan, Nigeria - (Appraisal of Graphic Design Principles)

E Bankole Oladumiye

Colours are a part of human existence which is controlled by the visual impulses of the human brain they are also an integral part of any product advertisement. Colour affects every aspect of man’s lives. Graphically, colour affects the exchange of goods and services between the manufacturer of products and the final consumer. As a result, colour is essential to advertisement of products because it challenges the established order of products and draw fresh attention to existing products by making it stand out of others. The advertising world revolves around the principle of attraction: whatever a product may be, the advert must attract the consumer. One of the first things consumers will notice is the aesthetic package and colour of the advertisement. This research explores the role of colours in product advertisement. Certain factors like colour coding, colour symbolism in advertisement, history of colour and how the brain interprets colour are also explored in this research. The research concluded that the success of any product advertisement depends on the combination of colours used in projecting the product to the consumer.