Journal of Socialomics

Journal of Socialomics
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Analysis of the Sector Vegetables of Niamey: Social Dimension of Rapidly Growing Activities

Hassoumi DJIBO

A sector is a chain of production and marketing of a raw agricultural product. It evolves in time and space. As partof this study, we will demonstrate the social role of the fruit and vegetable sector. The main hypothesis of our studyconsists in supposing that the actors of the sector are vulnerable people who have no other opportunity. Therespondent concerned 428 people from two departments (Kollo of Baleyara) and the city of Niamey. The resultsreveal that the actors of the sector vary according to the locality. Unlike in urban areas where the production ofvegetables is dominated by men, in the countryside it is carried out by women. The marketing of fruit and vegetablesdoes not require large financial means and attracts mainly national immigrants.