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Biology and Medicine
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Analysis of the Fracture of Steel Reinforcing Bars under Low Cycle Fatigue

Lenin R. Abatta, Carlos R. Arroyo, Andrea V. Vaca, Alexis Debut, Leonardo Goyos and Reinaldo Delgado

In this work we have analyzed the dynamic behavior of steel reinforcing bars under low cycle force-controlled fatigue measurements. We compare the results obtained for rebars produced by three steel companies of Ecuador, which fulfill the technical requirements of the national standards specified in ASTM A706. The measurements were carried out by using an universal testing machine model MTS 810. To determine the critical factors on the dynamic response of reinforcing bars, we have characterized the fractured section by macroscopic parameters and employing the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The results obtained point out that, although the three companies produce rebars with similar static behavior exist important differences on their dynamical properties.