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Analysis of Nutritional Status and Quality of Physical Fitness in Health and Sport Physical Education Learning Outcomes toward Pupil of Elementary School in Padang


The study aimed to examine how the state of nutritional status, quality of physical fitness and its effect on the value of the students’ learning outcomes of Penjasorkes (Health and Sport Physical Education) in Elementary School (SD) in Padang. Study was designed Analytically. Population of the study was grade V students of primary school in Padang. Samples was determined in purposive sampling: (1) school: Core schools and Impact schools of each district, totaling 14 SDs, (2) respondent, totaling 481 students, and informants consist of principal and Penjasorkes teachers. Nutritional status is determined base on index weight/age of the WHO - NCHS reference, the quality of physical fitness through Physical Freshness National Test, and Penjasorkes learning outcomes in thestudents’ report book. Finding shows that there was a significant relationship between nutritional status and quality on Penjasorkes learning outcomes in fallout school, while the core school was insignificant.