International Journal of Waste Resources

International Journal of Waste Resources
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Analyses of Weeding/Disposal of Information Resources from UniversityLibraries of Rajasthan, India

Vinay Singh Kashyap and Satya Prakash Mehra

Information is a vital resource and valuable input for societal development. It is the well-accepted generalization that a country which is rich in information is also rich in the socio-economic spheres. The library is considered as a traditionally slow and passive organization, which provides documents and services on demand. However, it was hard to believe in the past that weeding (disposal) of the traditional forms would be a challenge in modern perspectives. The present investigation is an attempt to assess the weeding policies in the university libraries of Rajasthan (India) and the challenges associated with it. The questionnaire and interview-based assessment of selected ten university libraries of Rajasthan in ICT age was carried out. In the present age of information, the weeding policy needs to be planned with the onset of collection development policy of any academic library. Further, the sustainable weeding policy could encourage the users to procure the traditional forms for reuse which otherwise create the solid waste. This is the right time to discuss solid waste management in academic libraries.