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International Journal of Waste Resources
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An Overview of Sewage Treatment Rates in Chinese Cities [Article Retracted]

Dzivaidzo Mumbengegwi, Tianxin Li and Jean Pierre Muhoza

Wastewater treatment for urban areas has become a very important factor in the improvement of environmental quality. Increasing rates of urbanisation has increased environmental stresses, emphasising the importance of environmental protection. Sewage treatment is the most effective method to improve water quality. However, a recent increase in the sewage treatment rates has not improved the overall water quality in China. Data collected from the China Statistical Yearbooks has shown that there has been an increase in sewage treatment rates, particularly in larger cities. With 3350 wastewater treatment facilities ranging from super large facilities that can cater to a population of 1 million, to small facilities that cater to smaller populations of less than 100 000. The overall water quality remained low due to the unavailability of wastewater pipelines to connect to the WWTP. Possible ways to improve the situation is to introduce water reuse systems, which requires a certain percentage of water is expected to return to the water supply. This will replenish stressed water sources as well as provide incentive to ensure wastewater is effectively transported for treatment.