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An Investigation into the Causes and Consequences of Law and Order Situation in Khyber Agency, Pakistan

Allah Noor, Mushtaq Ahmad Jadoon and Asad Ullah

Law and order is one of the major concerns in Pakistani society after 9/11. Tribal areas are the most effected than the other parts of the country. Present study was conducted to find out the causes and consequences of law and order situation in Khyber Agency. Data for the study were collected from 120 respondents of the four selected villages in Khyber Agency through a pre-tested interview schedule. The results stated that Islamic extremism (32%), poor government policies (17%), illiteracy (15%), weak political and malik system (15%) have been reported as the major causes of deterioted law and order situation in the area. All these especially government policies and presence of insurgents resulted drone attacks, bomb blasts, kidnapping, youth conversion into insurgents, fear and harassments, closure of business and schools and migration to safe areas etc. Regarding the effects and consequences of law and order situation in local community the sampled respondents as a whole reported that besides human deaths and injuries drone attacks destroyed/damaged homes (55%), shops (68%) and livestock (54%) which generated hate (36%), sadness (37%) and sentiments of revenge (33%) in the community. They especially targeted youth who joined insurgents to get guns and power (31%), lead a glorious life (28%) and sacrifice their life for Islam (20%). According to pro-government (95%) and common man (64%) groups, most of the anti government persons/insurgents are doing this due to ignorance and illiteracy in the study area where they were trapped on the basis of religion, culture and foreign intervention (9%). All such activities generate fear and harassment in the area. Besides this, the insurgents attacked on schools (38%), threatened students (20%), teachers (28%) and business men (100%). Furthermore, war culture (89%) in the area where there was war between insurgents and government (54%) or sectarian clashes (46%). The study recommends that law and order situation can be improved through peace in the area by using jirga and talks with all the stack holders