Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
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An Improvement in Compliance for Foot Care in Persons with Type 2 Diabetes with a Teaching Session

Satya Ranjan Patra and G. Jahnavi

Background: Is teaching material actually effective in imparting knowledge and molding attitude? The objective of the study was to implement an educational program in our rural health center Veleru and to evaluate its effect on the foot care of the diabetes patients. This study was conducted to assess the compliance of patients after educating them about foot care. Methods: Improvement in knowledge about foot care and the compliance in the patient population were studied by giving a questionnaire before the teaching session after the teaching session and at one month follow up in 40 type2 diabetic patients residing in the catchment area of the rural health center Veleru. Ninety three percent of the patients did not have any knowledge regarding foot care prior to the education session. Results: Immediately after the education session 93% of the patients could answer correctly and after 1 month follow up it was seen that 57% of all the patients had incorporated the recommendations for foot care. Conclusion: All diabetic patients if given proper education and guidance regarding foot care would be able to make a significant improvement in their life style which is helpful to avoid amputations.