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An Evaluation of Banker-Customer Relationship in Nigeria Deposit Money Banks

James E.Ighoroje & Oshiobugie Omolegie Bruno

This work evaluates “Banker-Customer Relationship in Nigeria Deposit Money Banks using First Bank Nigeria Plc. The strength of the relationship between the banker and its customer will go a long way in determining how successful the Nigerian banking industry would be. Survey research design was employed in which structured questionnaires were used to generate primary data from the respondents while secondary data were collected from textbooks, journals etc. A sample size of 60 was given questionnaire instruments for completion. Simple percentage statistical tool was used to process the data collected and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was employed in testing the hypotheses of the study. It was discovered that the emergence of electronic banking has significant and positive impact on the banker-customer relationship and in ensuring its survival; management has a crucial role to play. Therefore, it was suggested that electronic banking system should be designed with a strong failure-prevention mindset and management team should be given adequate training in order to prevent service failure with the major aim of strengthening the thrust of this relationship.