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Journal of Socialomics
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All About Critical Theory: Putting the Pieces Together

Sundas Qasim

Grounded on the premises of Marxist ideology, this paradigm questions the divide between the privileged and the suppressed. It rebels against power and dominance exhibited by those who own the means of production. Advocating the principles of free-will and emancipation, it provokes the social scientists to inquire the societal dogma of class imbalance. Despite the stringent belief to liberate suppression, this can be called the theory that seeks reasonableness in the society This review serves as a discursive guide to be cognizant of the history, principles, philosophical assumptions, comparison with other paradigms, suitable research methods and methodologies, and research potential of this paradigm. Putting the pieces together, this study aims to provide one-stop multi-aspect guide to the theory for the researchers, academic scholars, and practitioners who intend to understand the paradigmatic configurations, and practice the critical theory.