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Journal of Pharmacovigilance
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Adverse Effect of Unani Pharmacopeial Formulation Habb-E-Shifa

Misbahuddin Azhar

India has a variety emporium of the medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) andhas well established local healthcare tradition still relevant in indigenous health care system; Unani Medical System is one of them. Unani System of Medicine based on Hippocratic theory of humours is well established in India. Simultaneously it is also believed that Unani dosage forms acts on human body in holistic way and do not exhibit the adverse effects. It is true up to some extent but not at all. Unani dosages forms are sometime exhibit adverse effects if not consumed in proper quantity or prepared in proper manner. Habb-e-Shia is a pharmacopoeial preparation and used as Daf-e- Humma (Antipyretic), Daf-e-Tashannuj (Anti-Spasmodic), Musakkin-e-Alam (Analgesic) agent in Unani System of Medicine. Habb-e-Shifa has shown some adverse reaction to a female patient suffering with Suda-e-Muzmin (Chronic headache due to rhino-sinusitis).