Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Actors in Decision Making and Policy Process

Olufemi O. Popoola,

Across the globe and from one country to the other, societies are bedevilled by myriads of problems. Indeed, such problems span all areas of human endeavours- political, socio-economic, cultural, environmental, religious and security to mention a few. Over the years, human beings, through their various governments, engage one major and potent instrument called “policy” to address and solve problems of societies and issues that are of public concern. Policy process is an intricate process involving certain actors in government as well as those outside government (who find relevance in the existence of government). These actors or participants are crucial and influential in the sub-processes of policy initiation, choices, formulation, implementation and evaluation. It is against this backdrop that this paper examined the crucial actors/participants involved in decision making and policy process. The paper also drew experiences from various administrations in Nigeria. The paper concluded that good and beneficial public policies remain a sine-qua-non to good governance. Good and well-implemented policies will drive development globally.