Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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Acquisition of French Language for English Speakers

Jaspreet kaur

The advantage of being a multi linguist has become the pressing need of the society in this global world. In order to know the world and to communicate effectively, one must be a multi linguist. Nonetheless, English is a global language and acts as a filter language to translate the works written in other languages, but one cannot ignore the advantage that a multi linguist has over others. The present paper focuses on the importance of learning French language for a person who is well versed in English language which is regarded as a vehicle for upward mobility. There may be certain challenges that a person might face to learn new language, especially French, which is a very vast language as far as its accents, agreement, gender, articles, usage etc., is concerned and which are quite different from English language. The aim of this paper is two fold. Firstly, it states about the importance of learning a second language, i.e. French, and secondly it focuses on the challenges that one has to face to learn this new language. This paper also provides a few strategies on making the learning of this second language easy.