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A Typical Presentation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Chakravarty KD, Samantaray SP, Vishwanath RS, Shashikala V and Kumar ACP

Introduction: Hepatocellular carcinoma is commonly seen in chronic liver disease patients due to hepatitis B or C infection. Melena and haematemesis are the common gastrointestinal symptoms due to intraluminal haemorrhage. Surgical resection is the treatment of choice. Case presentation: We report a case of hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as gastric outlet obstruction in a 64 years male with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Hepatocellular carcinoma was detected during evaluation for gastric outlet obstruction. Intra-operatively there was no invasion to the duodenum; rather there was extrinsic compression and adhesions around the duodenum. Patient underwent successful right posterior sectionectomy. Conclusion: Hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as gastric outlet obstruction is rare and curative surgery is possible in selected patients.