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A Study on Need of Media Literacy among adolescents in Kanyakumari District

Ajantha S

Media is an integral part of children’s lives in the 21st century. They are constantly bombarded by media messages. Students currently grow up with the habit of television viewing every day. It is important that they should have knowledge about what, why, to when, and how to watch to become a better citizen. The present study focuses on the awareness of media literacy among adolescents. For this study TV viewing pattern, content of the TV programme and understanding ability of the adolescents was analyzed. The study is also conducted to find out whether TV programmes enhances or decreases school achievement its influence on the behaviour changes and explore the need of Media Literacy for adolescents. For this study eighty students both boys and girls of grade 9th to 12th from two schools in Kanyakumari District were chosen. both qualitative and quantitative methods are to be used in this study. For qualitative study ten parents of the respondents and ten teachers are to be interviewed besides the survey among the adolescents. The findings suggest that media literacy is needed for the betterment of adolescents.