International Journal of Waste Resources

International Journal of Waste Resources
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A Review in Oil Exploration and Production Waste Discharges According to Legislative and Waste Management Practices Perspective in Malaysia

Joebenson Francis Lodungi, Danial Bin Alfred, Aishatul Farhan Mohd Khirulthzam, Farrah Frieda Rossa Binti Adnan and Santhia Tellichandran

The core frame of research is dominated by the waste management practice of the oil exploration and production waste discharges from Malaysia’s petroleum industry related to legislation. As the waste harms the environment, the composition and possible environmental impact of the waste produced from the offshore drilling process activities are studied. This research will lead to a better waste management practices framework which comply Malaysia’s legislation and regulation act. In this study, the biggest issues that limits the waste management practices in petroleum industry in Malaysia is lacking of practices on petroleum waste management. The main difference between waste management practices between Asian and African countries is the African country has more utilization of waste into useful product but has non-modification of the conventional disposal of waste and the Asia country has less utilization of waste but has modification of the conventional disposal of waste. In order to accept the challenge towards sustainable development, this study is very useful for a responsible party as it endow precious Malaysia’s asset and promoting a comprehensive efficacy of petroleum refining industry waste controlling practices.