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Journal of Dermatitis
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A Rare Case of Glomus Tumour on the Knee: Case Report and Literature Review

Natsuki Nakajima, Takeshi Kozaru, Takeshi Fukumoto and Masahiro Oka

We present a case of glomus tumour of the knee in an 82-year-old Japanese woman. The patient noticed a painful eruption on her right knee 6 years before our first examination. At first examination, a well-defined, subcutaneous, elastic, firm nodule 1 cm in diameter was present over the central portion of the patella. The lesion was easily surgically removed in block. On gross examination, the excised lesion was a well-defined smooth-surfaced mass measuring 8 mm × 6 mm × 5 mm. Histological and immunohistochemically findings for the nodule were consistent with the diagnosis of glomus Tumour. Pain was resolved immediately postoperatively. As of the last follow-up, 5 months postoperatively, the patient reported continued relief from pain. We summarized reported 29 cases of glomus Tumour of the knee, including the present case. Our summary revealed that glomus Tumours can develop in the knee in various anatomical sites, including the skin, deep adipose tissue, muscle, quadriceps tendon, and Hoffa's fat pad.