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Journal of Psychology & Psychotherapy
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A Preliminary Study on Criminal Tendencies in Reference to Hand Analysis, Behavioral Study, Family Study, Personality Theory and Psychoanalytical Study

Madona Mathew*

The research revolves around the study of hard-core criminals and their criminal tendencies. 10 criminals and 10 noncriminals were studied and analyzed through this study. Interview, Questionnaire, and Photography are the methods used in comparing criminal and non-criminal traits. The period of study is two months (December to February). Criminal behavior is not an indication of mental illness, or else it could have been medically treated and cured. Some criminals are engaged in antisocial behavior due to psychiatric conditions that would include symptoms like hyperactivity, fewer communication skills, low intelligence etc. Researchers conclude that about 70 percent of criminals belong to broken homes. Dysfunctional families can also lead people to psychological problems. Broken families may also include a bad relationship with family members, conflicts, breakups and even criminal parents. Personality theory of Eysenck revolves around three types of personalities and the psychoanalytical theories relate criminal tendencies with poor social relationships, lack of guilt, ego and pleasure-seeking personality. So, this study comes across various parameters of criminal palmistry, family studies, personality theory and psychoanalytical study. The types of criminal behavior studied include crimes against property and persons. The palmistry studies might be found useful in revealing criminal and violent tendencies. Palmistry can be used for carrying out criminal investigations. To a great extend palm of a person can be analyzed to identify, certify a crime and conclude the nature of the crime. The study in this field might be helpful in controlling future crime rates by acknowledging people about criminal behavior and also if the palm of all the citizens is analyzed for creating a database, it would be helpful in crime management as well as criminal investigations.

Published Date: 2020-06-08; Received Date: 2020-05-13