Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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ISSN: 2168-9873



A Full Spectrum Analysis Methodology Applied to an Anisotropic Overhung Rotor

Xi Wu, Cameron Naugle and Jim Meagher

This paper demonstrates the methodology and usefulness of full spectrum analysis on theoretical models and experimental measurements. This method establishes another bridge between model and data that is not currently being used to its greatest advantage. Some experimental devices display full spectrum vibration signals but most often half spectrum is reported. Correlating analytical models with experimental data using full spectrum analysis is similarly underutilized.

In this paper, 3D full spectrum plots from x and y signals (from either experimental or theoretical results) are shown to match very well with the plots generated by experimental ADRE software. Tracking filters are used to isolate synchronous and non-synchronous vibration and allow for accurate phase angle measurement. The strategy developed by this paper can accurately convert the math angle from theoretical model to experimental instrumentation phase angle. Then we draw direct comparison of experimental results of a flexible overhung rotor with theoretical results to estimate unknown system parameters such as bearing stiffness and skew angle due to the gyroscopic effect. Finally, our paper provides other significant results such as 3D orbit plots. The tools developed here directly connect the experiment to the theoretical model and can be used to verify theoretical models with greater confidence.