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A Call for the Definitive Diet Study to End the Diet Debate Once and for All

Fleming RM, Fleming MR, McKusick A, Ayoob KT, Grotto DW and Chaudhuri TK

The current level of "discussion" on these diets by many people reminds me of elementary school children fighting on the playground during recess. Ms. Michaels efforts to bring some intelligence to this discussion is different.

Despite the constant arguments about, you cannot honestly call any of this a debate or intelligent discussion, between the low carbohydrate diets and the other types of diets proposed by the diet pundits, there is little if any new or useful information. Study after study show if you change the way a person eats, they can lose weight; big deal! These same studies use changes in blood tests to support the benefit they have for reducing heart disease. These studies exclude people whose cholesterol and other blood tests for inflammation go up, thereby making the results look better, while criticizing other studies for not agreeing with them.

The major problem with this approach is that I never said that reducing your cholesterol level or your insulin resistance or your CRP level would reduce your heart disease. My "inflammation and heart disease" and "angina" Theories explain why people develop heart disease and why this heart disease causes chest pain. In 2008 while developing a method to actually measure heart disease my research showed that changes in these blood tests of inflammation didn't match actual changes in heart disease; which means that measuring cholesterol and other blood tests won't tell you if your heart disease is changing. To know what's happening to your heart, you actually have to measure it. The only quantitative method for accurately, consistently and reproducibly being able to do this is FMTVDM. If the diet pundits want to know what happens to your heart when you go on their diets, they will need to measure it with FMTVDM.

Published Date: 2019-02-17; Received Date: 2019-03-20